Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Horseshoe Bend (August 1)

Before leaving on our final journey, we made a point to get out and hike the little trail along the Nooksack, known as Horseshoe Bend. This was where Chris and I went for our second 'date' making it a special place, but also, I just really like it up there past Glacier. It wasn't too hot, or too cold, but juuuuust right. At least I thought so. Well, I was jealous that I couldnt just whip off my shirt like some people I know. We were going to stop by The North Fork Brewery on our way back, but sadly, they weren't open yet for the day. Went home and made semi-crappy frozen pizza instead.

Chris told me what these things are, but I cant remember the name. Ghost Flowers. Thats what I call them in my head anyway. 

The lens on my phone got all foggy. From my hand. Gross.

I just liked that my shoes were almost invisible against the rocks!

I sure do wish I were right here in this spot right this minute. With a beer. 

I love the river...sigh...

Oh yeah, and that night, we went to the Bells game as part of the MBI summer party. Even though I was already a former employee by that time. 


  1. Looks beautiful! Even those ghost flowers.

    1. Its one of my very favorite places. Sad that I won't get to be able to visit as often as I'd like :)