Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This shall be know as our 'first move' as in, we loaded up as much as possible to haul down to Vancouver, to dump into our apartment before turning around and coming back to Bellingham for a few weeks. See, there was just so much that still needed to be done in Bellingham, but this was our only opportunity to get our belongings to our new home. Strange, I know. We stayed a single night in the new place, then caught a train back up North, leaving the Honda in Vancouver. Our master plan was to drive the Volvo down for our final move-which included bringing the girls down. Anyway, great big huge thanks go to my parents, my mother in law, Dan and Meredith for helping SO much. And then again thanks to Chris and Robin for meeting us in Vancouver to assist in unloading the truck. So much help :) So appreciative!

The black mold that we discovered on the bottom of our mattress :(

Clarice's 'safe' place

A terrible place to sleep, unless you're camping and the only other option is on the ground.

Crammed full

The drive down. Yes, thats me taking a pic while driving. Its my style. What can I say.

Shopping for the essentials

The hop is barfing magicalness

Waiting for the train 

Sneaking a pic without him knowing. Ha.

View from the tracks

Stupid reflection ruining the sunset shot

Im sure they were soooo happy to see us 10 minutes before closing.
Was happy to be back in Bellingham after a super tiring trip. Still had TONS to do before our actual move date.

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