Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chris' bday.

Just checked and my last post was July 22. So, lets just pretend that it hasnt been more than a month since Ive even thought about blogging. Its not as though nothing has been happening...just havent had access to a computer. Well, easy access and time to kill (like I did at work). Okay, taking it back to Chris' birthday weekend...

I had gotten my little mitts on a pair of Alberts season tix to the Mariners (to die for seats) so we planned to go see them play. Along the way, we stopped at Party City-or whatever its called-to scope out supplies for our reception. Then headed down to Seattle. Stopped at Kona Kitchen. NEEDED some of that stuff. The fried rice stuff with gravy and a hamburger patty and an egg. Yeah, that stuff. The stuff I could live off of. When I eat it, I want to say 'thank you God for placing the idea for this in someones brain so that I could enjoy the end result'. So after 'lunch' we had some time to kill. What better way than at the bar next door. Eventually made our way to Safeco. Decided to grab a beer at one of the bars down there before the game.

Even this guy loves the Kona Kitchen.

16oz or 22oz? Why even bother with a measly 16oz?

The greasiest calamari Ive ever had

Game food-vegan steam buns

'Real' game food. Nachos. With white cheese. Weird. 
I think that about sums it up. We had a real good time and then went back home to celebrate with family and then make the mad dash to pack our house up into the back of a moving truck!

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  1. Did you get that calamari at the bar by the amtrack station?

    White cheese? WTF