Monday, July 22, 2013

'Gatsby? What Gatsby?'

I just about lost my mind when I heard that a new version of this movie was coming out. To find out my number 1 would be starring in it did me in. I wanted to scream and cry like a teenager watching Titanic for the 30th time. Ah, much talent wasted on supermodels and sobriety. Juuuust kidding! God.
Anyway, I waited and waited and waited for the show to hit the theater. Circumstances prevented me from seeing it and my heart broke when I found out it was no longer playing :( So I waited and prayed and waited some more and FINALLY!!!! Saw that there was a second chance showing at the other theater. I forced Chris to go with me. We took a break in the middle of packing and headed to the mall. Giant popcorn and giant soda and tons of napkins. There were a surprising number of people there for a Sunday afternoon showing. Interesting.

Apart from the crap quality of that theater compared to the shiny new one, the film was absolutely magical. Even though I find Tobey Maguire less than awesome, the casting was spot on.
Oh my!!!! Im not sure how anyone could give it a less than perfect rating. So much perfectness is hard to come by. Love love loveeeeddd it! You know how when something is just so amazing, it makes you want to throw up? No? Not so much? Maybe it was the popcorn. I cant wait to see it again when I buy it on dvd. Uggghhhh!!!!

I stole all of these pics off IMDB.

 AWWWWW!!! Is obvious who I fancy the most ;-)

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