Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Up to via iPhone photos

We found an apartment to rent in Vancouver! I put in my notice yesterday! Only 24 days to go, but whos counting? I am so incredibly happy to be out of here. Even though I dont have a job lined up-which is scary-Im just so looking forward to a bit of a break. We are going to move the last week in July, then be back up here in time to prep for our reception. Then, Chris has to fly to Eugene for work, the day after our reception, and my mom is going to drive down with me and the girls. Its going to be fun hanging out with her in our new place. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can hang out by the pool. From what I can tell, Vancouver seems like a pretty okay place. The actual act of moving is going to be lame. I hate moving!!! Oh well. It will be a really good opportunity for me to purge!

EVERYBODY loves this file box

Such a creepy little cat

I LOVE getting iphone pics of Madison and Murderface :)

Double rainbow

Such a weirdo

A million times better than the gross McDonalds I had the day before

There are tons of historic buildings in Vancouver

Scenes from the park. They were just packing up from the 'Recyled Art Festival' How cool is that?!?!

Hanging out on the balcony at our hotel in Kirkland

Salmon sliders, pulled pork nachos (with hand cut potato chips-say whaaaa!?!?!) pot stickers and beeeeeer. This was the beginning of the end for me.

The wedding that was happening below our room

Wine time

Sunset over Lake Washington

Chris with an icepack on his face. It was HOT in our bedroom. The fancy LED chandelier we got at IKEA.
This weekend was a dream. I was soooo happy to see Chris and, as always, spend time with him. I just never ever get tired of being around him. Truly lucky :) Anyway, Im keeping my fingers crossed this week will be a breeze. Cant wait for a day off!

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