Monday, June 24, 2013


We have been trying to figure out this moving situation. I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon-exciting! Hopefully it goes well and I can give my notice soon. We started doing a little bit of packing yesterday. Tonight we are meeting some friends after work for beers and conversation.

Chris leaves for Vancouver tomorrow morning...and I wont see him til Thursday night, when I get down there :( I cant believe how crammed this coming weekend is going to be. Friday, we are going to look for a place to rent, then Saturday, we have hotel reservations in Kirkland, then Sunday, we are going to tour Red Hook-since Im a lame ass and have never gone on a brewery tour. WTF. I know!

Im just really looking forward to being settled again. Lots of uncertainties lately. Its hard to try and plan out moving when I dont even have a job lined up. And trying to find a rental that will allow 3 pets. Oh yeah, and trying to plan a wedding reception. Gah!!! Trying to stay organized. And positive. I really am excited for this new chapter of our lives. I really cant wait to be in a new city! YAY!

At least MF will be in good company if we have to leave her with the Custer's for 6 months :)

Enjoying a sunny afternoon at the park.

Pretty self explanatory

Trying to 'get rid of' strawberry ice cream and fruit loops. God, fruit loops are my FAVE!!!

An oldie...from last April. I kind of miss my bangs...and that striped top...

I was so proud that I got Madison into jammies and bed all by myself. Thats before she woke up screaming.

The poppies are finally blooming. They are humungous.

Just for fun-since its been awhile ;)

This rose bush is going crazy! So many blooms.

Aw! Its so pretty! I will miss you, car scratching rose bush!

Taco truck. Best tasting burrito EVER. Did make me sick the entire next day though.

The little night light projector-view from laying in bed, looking at the ceiling.

MF enjoying helping us pack.

Madisons new look.

Trying to escape. I laughed SO long about this. I literally had tears streaming down my face.

Well, there you have it. Trying not to drink my weight in coffee this morning. Stayed up past my bedtime watching Freaks and Geeks. Good stuff! We only have one more episode to go! Damn. I hope this week is over before I know it. Its going to be hard going 3 days without seeing Chris. Jeeze, I really am a lame ass ;)

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