Monday, July 22, 2013

Up to

Our lives mostly consist of packing. Packing packing packing.  I didnt realize I have so much STUFF. Looking forward to getting rid of lots of it.

Okay, so weve also been up to some other stuff (in between packing) that is a little bit more fun related.

We went to a Weird Al concert. That was...weird. HAHA! But sooo funny! Wow! That guy has energy!

'Say Weird Al'


Lets see, what else...
The dress I ordered to wear at the reception

Traveled out to Birch Bay for some fun!

Vegan waffelles with soy yogurt and blueberries.


Coffee in a keg cup. Why are there keg cups at work???

Heartburn pizza

Tumeric lassi.

Pulled pork sandwich. MUCH better than my sad attempt at pulled pork!

Grits and stuff. Delicious.

Baby shower cake.

Over easy eggs that turned into fried eggs-in tortillas. Always in tortillas.

Pot stickers and egg rolls-lunch amidst the chaos.

 Clearly I like to take pictures of what I eat.

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