Thursday, May 2, 2013

And we're off!

As soon as I clock out at 4 today, we will be on our way to catch the ferry to Port Townsend-and beyond. So so so so so so sosossossooooo excited! I honestly cannot believe that the weather on the peninsula is going to be this nice! God likes me and wants my birthday weekend to be spectacular!
We have packed an absolutely RIDICULOUS amount of stuff to take. I feel like maybe we should be on the cover of the Sunset magazine camping edition. Ill just leave it at that.

Last nights healthy dinner club went pretty well considering how stressedddddd I was about having a completely dirty and disheveled house, camping stuff all over the place, an unexpected house guest, and choosing a recipe that was a bit beyond my level of expertise-which is pretty much any recipe, I guess. I made yam ale-chiladas-the Boundary Bay recipe. Um, theres no beer in the recipe??!?!?!? What? Thats cool though, because I wouldnt have had any to put in the recipe because I wouldnt have been able to pry the beer bottle away from my lips. and drinking...sometimes dont make a good combination. The enchiladas turned out okay. Im going to have to have them at the restaurant in the near future so I can do a comparison. Everyone seemed to like them okay, so thats good. I didnt take any pics, which is disappointing to me. Oh well, Ill NEVER forget the experience because it took FOREVER to make them. Well, at least it took forever to make the mole sauce. Chris brought home taco bell and, I have to admit, I wouldve preferred that over the stuff I made :p

Hmmm...what else...
OH YEAH!!! We were at Cost Cutter the other day (looking for an assortment of peppers for that damn mole sauce) and I was like, 'LOOK!' This is what I saw:
Whawhaaaat???!! Do you see the price on that Ninkasi 6 pack??? $4.49!!!! So Chris was like, 'babe! I think Im going to have to go get a cart' We ended up spending $128.00 and at the bottom of the receipt, it said we saved $98.00!!!!!! Crazytown! We are alcoholics. But at least we are stocked up for a little while...

Im really excited for our long weekend trip, but Im also excited to get back so that we can talk to the bank about getting pre-approved for a home loan. Im getting all kinds of antsy in the pantsy to hurry up and buy a place. Houses in our preferred neighborhoods are selling so fast. Plus, I just dont know how much longer I can take having our bedroom as our primary living space. I feel bad because I know that its the same for Dan and Meredith. It would be nice for them to be able to stretch out a bit too. I just realized that if we move out, I wont see Baby everyday!!! Gah!
My mother keeps sending me new listings that she thinks would be good for us and its making me anxious!!!!!! I feel my heart breaking everytime I check the multiples and a house Ive been eyeballing shows 'Pending' Sad.
Heres one that Ive been looking at everyday. Obsessed.

And heres a lovely that I just came across this morning. Sigh....

I was reading my horoscope the other day and it was basically telling me that I need to buy a house! Pronto!

So, its decided. Based on the horoscope from the Bellingham Herald. Its my destiny. Whatever. Hahahaha!!! I need to go get some more coffee. Or maybe thats exactly what I dont need....

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