Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I HATED coming home Monday night. Not because I didnt miss the kitties and the baby, and Dan and Meredith, and sleeping in our own bed, but because it meant we would have to face reality again. Be at work instead of playing in the river. I just really cant wait to get away again, to be alone with my husband. I am so fortunate that we had this time together. And super lucky that we dont get sick of being around each other :) Was hard for me to be away from him, especially after being around him so consistently for 4 days. Makes me look forward to our next camping adventure...where we dont bring an entire house full of stuff. It will be a fun challenge to pack all we need into the Honda next time. CANT WAIT!!! Which reminds me, I need to check my PTO...

Thursday: Chris got off work early, packed up the car (and dog) and picked me up. We made it to the ferry right in time and were on our way to Port Angeles. Stopped for dinner at Frugals, then continued on to Crescent Beach for the night. Got there in time to catch the sunset :)

Not sure what is going on with this blog, but uploading pics was weird! And I cant put captions! Frustrated!!! Oh well...mmm...that burger looks good....


On our way!
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The promise of clear skies at our destination.

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