Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hump Day!!!!

Wow! This week is really moving! Thank goodness because I could really use a weekend! Last weekend was unbelievably productive, but I am so looking forward to some downtime. Im pretty excited to meet with Lili and Amanda for lunch and a pedicure on Saturday. Its been waaaaaay too long since Ive seen them. Also planning on taking a little trip to REI to pick up some essentials. I cant wait to get some really good trail shoes and a waist pack for hiking. And a decent soft shell jacket. Right now I have the money, so I want to splurge on those things while I can, otherwise I will never end up buying them. Hmmm...what else??? If time allows, I want to pick up a new bike seat and a helmet. If Im actually going to ride this year, I really need to those two things. OH!!! And we need to stop by cash and carry. We're out of pizza dough! Gah!

Last night, we burned some cardboard in the new chiminea that Jo gave us!!! Its so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE it! Meredith and Baby came and hung out with us for a little bit.

Dan was finally able to thaw out and cook the 27 pound turkey that had been taking up an entire freezer. Our house smelled like Thanksgiving!!! This morning though, everything just had that leftover roasted meat smell. Yuck.

Going to try and be productive today. I feel like everyday this week, something has gone wrong and I havent been able to get much done at work.

My new car!
Fleece leggins are a magnate for cat fur.
I thought Stella was really loving the fire! Then I figured out she was only interested in sips of our beer.
Dan and Madison
Chris was like, 'lets do the daily' and then 'BUUUURRRRP' Nice.
My husband is so handsome :)

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