Monday, April 1, 2013

This and that

I just realized that my last post had no pics. Or...anything actually. HAHA! Oops.
Well, heres whats been happening:

Wednesday: The the park with beers. In bed with shades on (?), tummy time with the Stellz.

Thursday: Naptime with the MF, Peruvian sandwich, digging up peonies in the yard.


Friday: Dropped by the harbor (my FAVE!!!) on my lunch break to decompress, driving to the market in Lynden, at home in bed.

Tractor on the road

Saturday: No pics. Bought a car though!!! Ill have to take a photo of it. Its pretty!
Then went to healthy dinner club (yum!) and then to Fred Meyer to buy dinner stuff for Sunday.

Sunday: Caught Murderface snuggling with her Uncle Dan, then Dan snuggling with Baby, Dan is almost done rototilling the front lawn, our Easter Kings Hawaiian that Clarice snacked on Saturday night, throwing the nibbled rolls at the park for S, shirts off! It was 70 degrees!!!!

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