Monday, March 11, 2013


This weekend felt pretty productive and yet, still laid back. Perfect combo. Saturday we went to breakfast, Chris ran cable through the attic (so its no longer hanging out in the hallway), went to a baby shower, picked out the dishes for our wedding registry, and had Michelle over for dinner. I also drank waaaaaay too much grapefruit juice. Which also had vodka in it. So, yesterday morning, I wasnt feeling the best. The time change also got the best of me. Anyway, I was able to pull myself together so that we could go to the home and garden show in Lynden. Since we recently decided to buy property and build a house, we really wanted to go to the home show and check stuff out. We also thought it would be a good idea to bring our moms. Which it was. I am the type of person who can have an idea in their head of how they want something to look, but when it comes to actually executing that idea, the reality turns out to be...different than Id pictured. That is where my mom comes in. Shes able to decipher my randomness into a style that I approve of. If left to my own devices, my house would be a disaster. I depend on her for a lot :) Okay, so anywaaaaaay, we got home from that, took the Stellz to the park, then gave her a bath. Then I laid in bed with the ipad and pinterest until it was time for dinner, at which point, I ate and then went back to bed. We watched Serenity and then I tried to go to sleep. Even though I was SOOOO tired, I couldnt fall asleep! And then, it turned into one of those nights where I felt like I was awake the entire time :-\ Im back to working my normal shift this week...5:20 came pretty early this morning. Ugh. I just cant wait for this day to fly by and be done so I can go home and turn my brain off. Now for the good stuff. Photos!

One day she will learn that the wood stove is HOT!!!
This color is everywhere!
Inadvertently trendy.
Driving in the sunshine.
The mold that has been living in the 4Runner since I havent been driving it :(
Trying to decide which color combo we want.
What happens when someone puts the butter in the dish in a way Im not used to.
Shes all like 'NO!!!'
And then like, 'okaaaaay'
Holding hands. All the time. I love it :)
And that is that! This week I have a restorative yoga class that Im going to convince Chris to go to with me and a dentist appointment. I have to get a root canal. Exciting!
One hour down so far. Now if this day would only hurry up and get over with. Monday, I hate you!


  1. OMG! In that pic of MF on the stove she looks just like Zaps!! How did we end up with the cutest/prettiest cats in the world?
    Fiesta ware! You know I love it. And Will didn't get any of the ware from our wedding! hahah sucker!

    1. You are lucky! That stuff is expensive! Oh wait, you got the Fiestaware silverware too, didn't you!?!? I was giving the love eyes in the store but Chris said 'no thank you!' Haha!

  2. Congrats on buying property! You must be so excited. I love going to home shows and getting ideas too although we are nowhere near ready to build or buy.

    Oh and grapefruit juice and vodka sounds amazing by the way!

    1. Thanks :) we aren't quite there yet. But soon hopefully! Yes the vodka drinks were tasty!!!