Friday, March 15, 2013


I am so so so thankful today is the last day of the work week. For some reason, this week has been hard for me. Waking up early and getting out the door on time has been extremely challenging. Yesterday I had a procedure at the dentist that he wasnt able to finish, so now I have to go back in 2 weeks. My mouth and face hurt :( And Stella scratched me last night. Right under my eye! I was lucky she didnt stick her little claw right in there. It doesnt look so bad today, but it hurt quite a bit last night. Silly little dog :) Speaking of last night...Chris FINALLY conceded and watched the movie Fear with me. I was too afraid to ask what he thought of it. If he hated it, I really dont want to know because that will mean we cant be together anymore. AHAHA!! Lets see...what else is happenin around here...
Oh Yes! We have our wedding reception invites nearly ready, so those should be sent out any day now. Also trying to plan a trip to the peninsula around my birthday, and gearing up for SPD festivities this weekend. I have to find a recipe for soda bread or at least buy some somewhere. The last movie in the Underworld series should be in the mail tonight! Its the only one I havent seen. SO. EXCITED. OMG. I just really cant wait to go to sleep tonight. Im so tired today :(

So....heres whats on my mind currently:

Oh David, you so craaaaaazy!
And then I found thissssssssss!!!!
What the what! I must have it.

And some randoms.

Half mouth numb
Baby covered in dog hair
Spring flowers!
And that is pretty much it. Gonna go find some COFFEE!!!!! Yes please.

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  1. OMG MF and baby!!!!!!!!!! I hope Zaps loves my baby like that. I mean I hope the baby loves Zaps.