Thursday, March 7, 2013


So, I walked in the door last night and Dan says, 'do you know what LSB is?' What? LSD? 'No, LSB'
Well, no, I do not know what that is. 'Its Liquid Shit Bomb. Thats what Madison had this morning. I was about ready to walk out the door and Meredith asked me to change Baby. So I had her on the changing table and heard a little 'pfff' I looked down and poop had blasted down the changing table and down my leg. I then heard another sound and poop shot across the room!'
I thought I was probably going to die right then because I was laughing SO hard.

Welp, here are some pics from life lately:

Grocery list. Pretty much sums up my diet.
Notice the crazy red drinking rash on my neck.
And BAM! Crazy face.
Murderface caught in the act of trying to kill the baby.
Trying to demonstrate my outfit. Doesnt really show much of it at all.
Human cat, trying to see whats in the oven?
Clarice HATES being picked up.
Murderface dont care.
Stellas 'crazy eye'

Since I have to cover the late shift at work this week, weve been skipping the gym after work. Im very proud that Ive still managed to go twice before work. Gotta get my HGTV fix! I ordered wrist weights the other day and they came yesterday!!! So I got to try them out this morning. Not sure if I really notice a difference. I guess Ill see tomorrow when I wont be able to lift my arms. HA.

OH! And heres one more that Meredith just sent me. I love that she takes pics of MF while shes home during the day. I really want a camera in the house so that I can see what the animals do while Im gone. Well, maybe just like, one of those collar cameras...Im going to look on Amazon right now.

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  1. MF is like "look I'm the baby!"

    Clarice's face is priceless.

    I don't think your husband wears clothes. It constantly looks like a hippy love in at your house!

    Mmm.. cheese, juice and coffee is pretty much my diet too. Poor baby.