Monday, March 18, 2013

Manic Monday

Oh how I wish it were Sunday...
Seriously though. I feel like my eyes have fiery sand in them. I hope that chugging some coffee helps. I hate Mondays mornings. After the weekend, its always so hard for me to be away from home, to say goodbye to just makes me sad. I am so pathetic! Hahaha!
Directly after work today, I have a follow up appointment with the massage therapist for another session of Bowen therapy. I really think that stuff is doing the trick. My back hasnt felt this good since last summer. I wonder how much can be attributed to the treatment, how much to walking more frequently and how much to warmer weather. Im not going to over analyze it. Ill just be thankful instead.

We started watching Portlandia last night. Im going to attribute the weird ass dreams I had to that weird ass show. The term 'weird ass' being a compliment.

Friday, we skipped the gym and when we got home, no one was around! Meredith's dad was in town, so they were spending time with them.
Picked up some more daffodils. SPRIIIIIING!!!!
Window kitten, watching us be weirdos
Sunflower seeds. How rude.
Some spring plants. And an ax in a piece of wood.

We cracked some beers and cranked the music and stood outside in the rain because it was so warm! Then it started to thunder and I started to freak out a little.

So we went to bed and I took pictures of Chris asleep, in the dark. Creeeeeper!

Saturday, we had dinner with Kris, Jo, Reid and Kellee. Then went to Elizabeth Station for a beer, then home, where we discovered the roommates were gone! Its so very rare that we are home alone!!!
Took S to the park, then laid in bed while Chris played black light laser and lit up the GITD stars. We really need to put up the rest of those things. Because I LOVE looking at them right before falling asleep.

Look! Its the North Star!

Sunday was chill.
MF jumped all the way up the door, trying to catch that rainbow.

Took the Stellz to the park (twice!!!) then we had the parents for an early dinner, then just pretty much laid around. Watched a bunch of Portlandia and fell asleep. Now, here we are...back at work. Ick. Im just keeping my fingers crossed that we dont have any issues today and that 4 is here before I know it!

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