Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ciao Thyme

Last night, some of my dear friends and I met up at a little place called Ciao Thyme for dinner and a cooking lesson in honor of my recent marriage. Since we had a very short engagement, this was essentially a bridal shower post ceremony. We like to mix things up like that. Thats part of the reason we decided to wait 8 months after getting married to have our reception. To confuse people. Kidding. Anyway, Ciao Thyme is a pretty interesting concept. Ive been there before for Gma Delight's birthday, but this was a completely different experience. Kellee and Kris came up with the idea to get a group together and go to this 'cooking class'. So I was sort of expecting some hands on stuff...but the reality was much better! We were a small group in a much larger 'class'. The place was packed! I guess it was the biggest turnout theyd ever had. So...what the evening actually consisted of was sitting around a table with friends, while a professional chef and staff talked through and demonstrated making the dishes that we would be served. It was really cool! And much better (IMO) than having to be engaged in preparing the food. I took covert pictures with my phone. Just this morning, I realized I didnt get one of our group! Darn.

Crazy, they had the same silverware that we registered for!
Carrot flan type stuff with a sauce made of butter, cream, flour, deliciousness.
Lasagna? I dont know what it was called but it was amazing.
The remains of the Italian style salad. The radicchio was really bitter. But I still liked it. 
Tiramisu. Without the soggy bits. It was heavenly.

It was really an awesome time, getting to catch up a bit with friends, having dinner prepared for us and learning a thing or two about food prep. Im so lucky to have such great people in my life :)

Also! Two new pics of Madison and Murderface. They are best friends. HAHA!

Murder is such a weird cat. I woke up in the middle of the night and she had her little head laid on my chest. She can be such a sweetie. When she wants to be. I adore her :)

Oh Yeah! AND!!!! I was just reminded about this place.

Spend the night in a treehouse! Me likey. Of course they dont have rates posted on the website. How convenient. Im going to dig and see if I can find some sort of price range...or I could just email them. Duh. I wanna go! Can we? CAN WE?!?!? CANWECANWECANWECANWE!?!??!!! No more coffee for me today.

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