Thursday, March 21, 2013


Aw!!! Yesterday, we went to my great nephews first birthday party. He is so cute! Gah! I have to say, his mom is pretty cute too :) It was nice to be able to see that part of our family, I hadnt seen them since last summer :( Family is very important and I need to be better about making it a priority to spend more time with them. Because lifes short and hard, like a body building elf. Wait! what? Just had a flashback to middle school there for a second. Anyway, life is too short and time passes quickly, so I need to remember to take advantage of every possible minute.
Okay, moving on...

Train cake. I think she did a better job than I ever could.
Cicchittis mushroom and olive with a side of ranch. My favorite pizza in all the land. 

Pinball wizard. Fo realz. Its funny the things you learn about people, more specifically, your husband.
I swear, she makes THE funniest faces!!! I love her :)

Heres the baby that lives at our house! Haha!
This is the only picture I got of the birthday boy. I suck, I know.

And then, a couple of creepy ones from when we got home. Im honestly not sure If I was trying to hide from my own picture, or just trying to inhale Chris' arm. Hmmm...

Well, we learned that Chicchittis is going to close, possibly this weekend. This is hugely sad for me. I feel like the restaurant has been somewhat of an institution in this town, as well as in my family, and Im really...just...sad, I guess. however, Niki said that they have a food cart that has been extremely successful, and that they are catering events, etc. So that gives me some hope. I heard her say something about being at the blues festival. Which got me ALL kinds of excited because guess who else is going to be at the blues festival??? US! Yay!!!! Anyway, maybe they will reopen sometime down the road. A girl can dream, right? I cant believe that today is Thursday!!! One more wake up til the weekend gets started!!!! And its going to be a good one. I can already tell :)
PS: I just looked at the website for the MB Blues Fest and tickets are already on sale!!!! And theres a limited number! OMG. Must get them! Now!

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