Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Bits

Friday: Went to dinner at El Nopal with parents. I ate nearly my entire El Nopal Burrito. It was delicious. Mmmm...

Omigod! My moms FACE!!!
We're in love.
Oh Sumas...I dont miss you at all.

Saturday: We were very productive. I made brown soda bread...which Im still trying to perfect. We dropped off recycling. We went to taco bell. We saw Oz. I poisoned Murderface with flea medicine. I honestly thought she was going to die :( And thats pretty much it. Got bad sleep because I was worrying over the kitty. Shes okay now :)

Nice face! Oh, I meant the one on your shirt. Ha!

Sunday: I had wanted to go down to Padilla Bay and hike around, but our Sunshine had come a day early and we thought it best to stick around home to keep an eye on MF. We did more productive stuff!!!! Once I harrassed Chris into getting up, I made us breakfast. Then we did an inventory of freezer items and cleaned the fridge. We rearranged the living room. We took S to the P. By Sunday afternoon, the sun came out from hiding so we wrangled the chairs and table to the end of the driveway and hung out in sun for a little while. Mmmm..sun....

I FINALLY made eggs over easy. I always cook them too high and too long. Perfect! And those potatoes...yeah, I made those too. And that bread...maaaaade it!!!
Much better
Please notice my normal beer and Chris' growler.

And that, is that. I have high hopes that this week will race by. Next weekend is supposed to be HOT. 66 degrees on Saturday. Whaaaaaaa???!?!?!!? Haha!

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