Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last night we...

Went to the gym.
Took Stella to the park.
Ate dinner.

All that before 7. Getting off work at 4 is CRAZY!!! So much more time to do stuff!

Girl loves this basket. Cats are weird.
It looks like Stellz is trying to make a break for it. HAHA!

I got out of the shower and Chris had made us a pillow fort on the bed! Love that guy ;)

HAHA! Oh MY God, I have the worst photography skills!

We hung out in the fort and drank whiskey and talked and talked and talked. It was so great!

 Way too close, blurry pics are my favorite.
I slept kind of crappy last night because some jerkface stranger kept calling my phone. I have no idea who it was. They would call. I would wake up and be out of it. The phone would stop ringing. I would go back to sleep. Happened TWICE in the middle of the night. I think Im going to call that number today...let it ring, then hang up, then call back and hang up...you get the idea.

Oh yes, and here is my breaky this morning. Gardettos mixed with cheez its. I might throw up. It was a baaaaad choice.

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