Saturday, February 9, 2013


Wednesday, we parked in Surrey and took the Skytrain into Vancouver. We ate at the Cactus Club Cafe (really really good fries) and then went to check in (?) at Rogers Arena. For some reason, when I purchased the tickets to this show, there was only one way to receive the tickets. Not mail, not print from home, not will call...only by presenting your id and the card used to purchase them. At the gate. Very weird. Anyway, it worked out pretty well aside from the fact that I couldnt remember which card Id used to pay for the tickets...

Band of Skulls opened for Muse and they were really good. I was trying to think of when I first heard of them. The Zone has been playing them for a few years at least. And I remembered that they have a track on the New Moon soundtrack. Extra points right there! haha! Then Muse came on. Spectacular! They sounded really good and the theatrics were rad. The lights came down from the ceiling and formed a pyramid of screens that would alternately show the band and other visuals. Very cool. I was REALLY impressed with how friendly everyone was and how respectful and NOT pushy. I didnt get shoved or bumped or elbowed or anything and had a comfortable amount of space around me the entire time. The best part was that the show ended a little after 10!!! Crazy! I loved that! HAHA!

We got home a little after midnight and talked to Meredith for a little while. She was having some pretty consistent contractions, so we went to bed anticipating an imminent birth! Well, Baby Madison DID arrive, but not til 8:45 Thursday night! Ill get to that in another post. But first things first. Pictures of the show!!!

We were so close to the stage! Probably about 50 ft away. It was magical.

The pyramid thing came down onto the stage and covered up the band! Craziness!

 And a few dailys. Sheesh, Im tired! Okay, going to do some Facebook stuff while Chris does computer stuff. Thank goodness we still have one more day of the weekend left! YAY!

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