Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Bits

Here we are at Monday again. This weekend went by way too fast. I am so happy to be practicing yoga again. Even though I was quite sore and tired afterward. Saturday was pretty busy. Lunch at Mother in laws for Great Aunt Sarah's bday. The tiramisu that we made was a huge hit. And I really enjoyed looking at old pics with Aunt Sarah. It was really awesome to spend time with family. I hadn't seen them since the wedding, which seems like forever ago. I cant believe its only/already been a month! Crazy. I also got to hang out with Michelle, who I haven't hung out with in soooo long. We had some one on one time then I picked up Chris and we met Michelle at Brandywine for dinner. I had a Portabella Melt. It was good. Alot of mushroom though. Then Chris and I met up with his buddy from work and his wife for a couple of beers. It was FUN! I think we ended up staying out til about 9. My God, we are so old. Wait, I am old. Whatever. We went to get stuff for a veggie tray to take to Lili and Davids Sunday and then went home and...I think I pretty much passed out. Was so tired from yoga. Sunday morning, Lili texted me saying they had the stomach flu at their house, so the super bowl party was cancelled. Sad! I was so excited to see the Marshall family! Soon. We will get together with them SOON. So instead, we cleaned up a bit. I wiped down the fronts of all the cabinets. They were so disgusting. And then we went and saw Warm Bodies. This was my movie choice. Chris said he liked it. I LOVED it. We also brought some Jack to add to our drinks. So before last week when we went to see Django Unchained, Id NEVER drank in the movie theater. Being a demi alcoholic, I cant figure out why I hadnt thought to do this on my own. Anyway, after that we just went home and pretty much laid in bed. We watched Cheech and Chong. Well, I watched part of it, then fell asleep. Apparently, day drinking causes me to pass out before my normal bedtime. Or anyones normal bedtime for that matter. It was 8:45. I was asleep before 9 o'clock. I AM an old person! Ugh. Oh well. Im nice and rested for the gym tonight! I THINK Im excited to work out 5 days a week. YES! yes, Im excited.
So, here are some randoms from this weekend:

Pretty in love with these jackets I saw
Also in love with Michelles apartment. The view of the lake is killer and I love the style of the buildings.
My God. Do we spend THAT much time in bed?
I cannot resist taking pics of him sleeping! Im powerless!!!

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