Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Sunday we met with some key family members to talk about plans for the wedding reception. We decided to move it from May to August. Im actually really happy about this. We will have more time to get ourselves together and the remodel on Gma's house will be done for sure by August. And theres a better chance of nice weather so we can be outside. After talking things out, it really feels more solid now and I can visualize how it will be and Im getting EXCITED!!!!

Heres what we've been up to:

My little bunny <3

Murderface laying on Stella's bed (her fave place) holding her favorite thing...Martines Raven feather. Gross.
Fiamma Burger. I did not participate. Was just an observer.
Uncle Chris with Madison. Haha! Nice face!  God.
We might have bought a humungous container of maraschino cherries. And then made cocktails with them. Mmmm Yum!
Pineapple upside down cake. Incredibly ugly, but oh so tasty! I had to feed the craving from reading the latest Stephanie Plum. Please note: maraschino cherries.
Cream of broccoli soup that Chris made. IN A BREAD BOWL!!!
A horribly unflattering picture of me.
Clarice watching us take a pic of ourselves. Silly humans!

Sleepers creepers. Im the creeper here.
Christmas cactus is A-BLOOMIN!

Chuckanut Bay was really foggy Sunday afternoon.
Uh, not sure what was being discussed here. Something important. And large apparently.

'Now dont you worry about coming to lay by me, MF, Ill come down to the end of the bed and lay by you...'
And that about sums it up.

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