Monday, January 14, 2013


Yoga Saturday was good. I'm sore but it feels GREAT to be sore from being active.

New bed is awesome. Lots of room for cats, etc. First night we discovered that we needed to mush our pillows together in the center of the bed so that we didn't end up sleeping super far apart.

Trip to Bremerton was really good. It was nice to spend time with Chris and his mom. And it was nice to go see his dad. It was hard to be at the cemetery. I have no words to describe how it feels to see the person you care about the most in the world sad. My heart breaks and I feel like I'm dying and that I would give my own life to end that persons sadness.

Anyway. Some pics of the weekend...

Me at the park with Stella. Chris found my fox fur hat!!!

Thought it would be appropriate to take these on our road trip. Heard they were my father in law's favorite.
A very cold sunrise

Back in bed to snuggle with these two

MF on the new bed with TWO of my hair ties.
On the ferry
'boathouse' at Point No Point Park 

Sun in our faces. I was trying SO hard not to squint my eyes.

The lighthouse

Frost on the beach

Shots through the sunglasses. Such talent. HAHA!

Standing on some driftwood

Those trees that I was obsessed with. Obviously.
On our way home. Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I think. I passed out after the cemetery, so I cant be sure.

Quite the busy weekend. Oh yeah! And I cooked my first turkey! Chris helped! We did not season it or brine it or anything. Just bagged it. Turned out perfect :) It was so awesome to have my parents and my mother in law over :)

Chris is home today. Still sick. He went to the doctor on Saturday because hes been sick for about two weeks (since our wedding) and still has a sore throat. Yesterday, he seemed to get worse, despite being on antibiotics :(

I got up early so I could make it to the gym, but ended up peeling ginger and juicing lemons for my husband. Poor guy. If I got dressed for the gym, does that count as working out? Im counting it. And, I think I have a rib out. If I only 'think' I have a rib out, I imagine its probably just a pulled muscle or something, but who knows. Lots of back pain today! I can live with it ;)

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    I was looking for blogs about Bremerton to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!