Friday, January 11, 2013

Its time

Its time to get back into the swing of things. Not that Ive been making excuses, necessarily, but things have been BUSY. Boyfriend moving in, holidays, boyfriend becoming husband, recurrent back issues, blah blah blah. I suspect that's just life and things will always come up. But that's no excuse to be neglectful of myself. I merely needed a reminder. Back on track. Sorry husband, but we HAVE to be healthy. I can't go on living any other way! Working out, going to the market, cooking solely for my benefit was a breeze. Add another human in there and things become a bit tougher. I have to think of someone other than myself now. There is someone else in my life that needs to be fed. So what this means to me is, I will come up with recipe ideas, and he will cook them. HA! Kidding. Mostly. Really though, all of the recent madness has settled and we just have to force ourselves to...meal plan. I said it. Ugh. Thinking ahead! Its way easier to have grilled cheese, but my bod is not loving it as much as my mouth is. I am so scared that this back pain has come back because of the atrocious way Ive been eating :-\ When I'm in pain, that means I can't do the things that I need to do. Or the things that I WANT to do. Okay, so that's the plan. And Sarah B is going to help me with recipes and fabulous nutrition info. I'm going to ask Chris to read her blog with me. If we're both excited and full of knowledge, it should be easier, right? YAY!

My New Roots
I had pho for lunch today and it was not good. Not good at all. Saw this version on My New Roots and was reminded that I need to just make my own food. It will be better than that crap I ate today. Simple.

We get our new bed tomorrow!!! I'm so excited. I have crazy expectations that it will magically make me feel better and not have back pain anymore. It cost a ton, so Ill be sleeping on it no matter what. And I will like it.

Also start yoga again in the morning. I took last quarter off after somehow reinjuring myself. Had nothing to do with yoga, but I just wasn't able to do the poses. So, I'm praying that it goes well tomorrow. I might end up stepping down to one of the gentle classes. I'd be okay with that

Having parents and MIL over for dinner tomorrow! Family time! Turkey dinner. 27 pounder. Nice. 

Sunday, we're finally going to make it to Bremerton. Looking forward to it :)

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