Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bits and the daily

Last night we:

Drank Sierra Nevada out of the can and finished R2 while watching Take Me Home Tonight.
Seriously funny stuff.

I was CRACKING UP and might've mentioned that we were in a classic 'Sears photo studio pose' while taking these. You can't tell but I was laying on my stomach and Chris had his arm over me.
HA! Well, I thought it was hilarious.

And here's one I forgot to add...the night before last, we drank the bottle of wine we had bought to drink on our wedding night. It was basically liquored apple cider. The directions said to warm it up, but we were already half way through the bottle. Tasted yum. And the label was pretty. And our new stemless wine glasses! Hooray!

Aaaaaand that days Daily. With Clarice of course. My husband is not always naked, btw. He just has his shirt off nearly all of the time. Im not complaining one little bit.

 The sunrise this morning was absolutely brilliant. For sure thought I was going to crash my car trying to check it out while driving. Finally pulled over into a field so I could snap a few.

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