Friday, January 18, 2013

Pre weekend

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Mint and Red Sundress
Spath Designs found via Elycia

Upon waking this morning, I pulled out the iPad for some morning blog stalking and saw a really pretty dress on Elycia's blog so I tootled on over to Etsy to check out the shop and OH MY! I saw this one that made my heart start skipping around. It is soooo beautiful!

We changed plans for the day, which I'm pretty happy about. Though I had wanted to go to Seattle, we decided to tackle some things on our 'to do' list today and then have the rest of the weekend to mess around. My husband is such a good planner :) So (once SOMEONE gets out of bed) we are going to:

Sign Chris up at my gym. I wonder if he will love all of the old people there as much as I do.
Reorganize the storage unit so more stuff can be crammed in there.
Meet his mom for lunch.
Go see The Hobbit. I'm soooo stoked!!!!!!
And that is all.
I have 'Ladies Wine Night' at 7 at Kris' house. I said I would make crab dip. And hopefully not give everyone food poisoning.
Lots to do today. I should probably start by getting another cup of coffee and snuggling back in bed :)

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