Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2 weeks

Exactly 2 weeks from this moment, I will no longer be single. Deep breath.
Friday we went to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license. Wow. That was a totally weird experience. Not bad, but different. Obviously something Ive never done before. Also, one step closer to the ceremony...dun dun duuun....
Okay, so its not that I dont want to BE married, its the act of GETTING married. I am so nervous that something will...happen? I dont exactly know what. If I had to guess, Id say nothing. Nothing is going to happen, so Im not sure why Im so apprehensive. In all honesty, I know its because I have control issues and having a wedding is something Ive never done before! Its fear of the unknown. Gah! I think that I just need to let go and trust that it will all be fine! Better than fine, it will be great! And then it will be done and I wont ever have to do it again :) Just called to make reservations to the restaurant for brunch after the ceremony. Still need to...oh God, what else do I need to do??!?!?! Finish my vows. I think thats about it. Well, and a few other things I cant mention here..hehe! 
Talked to Gma Delight today. I felt bad we arent inviting ALL of our family and friends, but it was nice to talk to her about it. She also offered up their house for the reception. Muwhahaha! Love it.


I am so freaking excited to be married! Okay, so it already feels like we're married. But its nice to make it official :)

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