Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Bits

Um, maybe I should get rid of that pumpkin...

This weekend:
1) We went to Chris' work holiday party and we played with his boss' kitten.
2) Snuggled our own cats.
3) Chris put my stereo (and new speakerssss!!!!) in the Civic.
4) Had the wood stove installed.
5) Took Stellz to the park.
6) Assisted Chris while he worked on my camera.
7) Spent Sunday in Seattle with Kellee visiting Owl and Thistle (deep fried brie!), taking the Underground Tour, checking out the library and stopping by Nordstrom.

Made it home safe and sound to hang out with my man and my pets yesterday evening. Although it didnt last long...was pretty much passed out by 10.
This week is starting to look pretty busy. I cannot believe Christmas is next week. Ive purchased ONE gift. Well...kind of more like 2. I suppose I do know what Im getting everyone, so thats helpful!

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