Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Eve of the eve of the eve of CHRISTMAS EVE!!

Oh yeah! The world didnt end today! Holler!
Waking up to this...aawwww me some!

Random down the body shot while standing at my desk..sposed to snow/rain today.

Lets see...whats been happening lately...
Wednesday night we went and saw Rise of the Dark Knight. For $3.50 a ticket. It was sooo good! Im not really up on the comic front but I LOVE Batman.
Since I had to work at 7 yesterday morning, last night consisted of getting Chinese, stopping by my parents for a quick visit and then sleep by 10. I feel great today! I think the sleep, coffee and knowledge that I have a 4 day weekend coming is making me totally jolly!

Tonight, meeting Chris and his coworkers at Bobs for drinks. I thought we already had his work holiday party, so Im not really sure what this is about. Makes me wonder why I dont hang out with my department outside of work...hmmm...

Tomorrow we are going out to try and get some Christmas shopping done. This is a really good thing, since Ive still only purchased one gift! Gah! Flip side, Im not buying for many people this year, so theres a positive. HA! 

Song of the day is: Young Turks

Vid of the day is: Miss Atomic Bomb (my very fave from the album) makes me cry!

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