Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Please note the ring on my left hand :) Engaged!!! What! Weird. Okay, I love it. Its probably the best feeling in the whole world. I am so crazy about my boyfriend! I just cant believe this is real!!! So that was Friday, what else has been going on....my back is so totally messed up. Im expecting my doctor to refer me to a Neurosurgeon. At this point, I think that I would do pretty much anything to get rid of this pain :(

Saturday, I stopped by Chris' mom's house to say hi. Chris and Robin were up, but were just leaving when I got there. Still, got to play with Winston. Henry was afraid of me. Hahahaha! Im sure he will come around once he gets used to me :)

Such a happy and cute baby!

After that, went and hung out with Kris and Amber. Kris hosted our first 'healthy dinner club' meeting. Cashew Corn Chowder. Pretty good! I hope I can host the next one. Ive been throwing around a few ideas. Rachel stayed the weekend with us, since she had to stay in Bellingham a few days to get the boat back in shape before heading home. Was really fun having her :)

Sunday...Chris left for Friday Harbor. He will be working out there for the next couple of weeks. I cant wait til this weekend when I go over there! This is what the face of a heartbroken girl looks like:

Puffy eyes :( I miss him so much.

And heres one of you know who...just because hes hot and I love him!!!!

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