Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Plans

Friday: Think I'm going to go home and watch some of the tapes (VHS) that I grabbed from my parent's house. With all the rain we've been having around here, I got to thinking that maybe the sun would show it's face...which got me thinking about obviously the video frontrunner would be Rainbow Brite.

Buuuut! I was just emailing Kris about meditation and meditative sounds and confided to her that when I tried the fine are of meditation, the sound that kept coming out of my mouth started to sound a bit like the sound that Ludo makes when calling the rocks.

So that made me think about how its been awhile since I watched that movie...which I also have on VHS...Id be interested to see if it still plays, as there was a period where I was watching it daily. Thank goodness I also have it on DVD.  So, 80's movie marathon, then to bed...waking up early for...

Saturday: Yoga with Kris and Reid. Going to drop in on a class to see if I like, and maybe join the next beginners class. Saturday night, going to Jen's bday dinner at El Gitano then home. Waking up extra early for...

Sunday: Leaving for Tacoma at 7:30 AM to go see cousin Austin graduate from high school.  Awwww!!! Puppies and kittens!!!!! 

Anyway...busy busy busy...and Id also like to find time (somewhere?!?!) to go see Snow White and the Huntsman
because, why wouldn't I want to see that?

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