Sunday, June 3, 2012

I cannot believe the weekend is over!

I feel like this weekend was jam packed.  In a good way though. Yoga yesterday morning was really really great. The instructor was awesome and I cant wait to sign up for the next class. I told Kris, 'that wasn't too bad! Not even half as intense as Bikram's!' Well today, I sent her a text, 'Soooo sore!'  Hahahaha! For real. 

After I got home from yoga, I decided to lay on the grass in the back yard....

Then decided to do some reading while waiting for Dan to get home so we could go to Jen's birthday dinner.

After getting back from Austin's graduation this afternoon, I did some work out in the yard and then took Stella over to the park to fetch! The last of the sun on the trees was so pretty! I had to take a zillion pics.

Aaahhh!!! I feel like this weekend has been quite productive! Currently laying in bed with the cats watching:


On VHS of course!!!
Life is good :)

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