Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Our trip down to see Lorri was fuuuun! It was so nice to see her and to spend so much time with Lisa...I really love those girls! On Sunday, we went to the Portland farmers market, which was quite a spectacle. I cant believe how huge it was! There were a ton of people carrying around pink boxes from Voodoo Doughnuts. We set forth to discover what all the hullabaloo was about. After walking aways, and passing some very interesting people, most of them sporting Toms, we arrived at the world famous doughnut shop.  There was a line stretching out the door and down the block. Both ways. We decided this was God's way of telling us doughnuts were not to be had. We did shove our faces against the glass hoping to catch a glimpse of what all the fuss was about...a fruit loop covered masterpiece caught me eye, but who wants to wait 45 minutes for that? Not I! After making our way back to the car and heading home for a pit stop, we went to the three dollar movie theater. We saw a movie called 'The Five Year Engagement' It was really really really good. I wouldn't mind seeing it again. I love Jason Segal. All in all, Portland really redeemed itself in my eyes. It took alot of driving but was most definitely worth it.  Oh!!! And I ordered some Butter Braids and cookie dough from Lorries niece who was selling them for a soccer trip fundraiser. Best part of the whole trip :) haha! 

Having forgot my camera, I had to make use my crappy iPhone cam...so without further adieu...

PS these pics were taken through the car window as we were driving. I know, ick.

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