Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harrison Hotsprings and a trip to the doctor

First and foremost, I want to go stay a night at Harrison Resort. Like REALLY want to. I keep thinking about it. I keep going to their website to check room prices. Its getting close to peak season so the prices are going up :(
A night away sounds soooo nice. Especially a night away at a place that has mineral pools, good restaurants, a lake and beach and hiking. I just cannot afford it. Uuuuh! (groan of despair) Well...maybe I'll just look and see when the annual sandcastle build off is...hehe!

pics via

Also, looking at the area activities tab on the website, I found this place...

Minter Gardens! This place looks divine! Eek! They have live music on Sunday afternoons! How fun!!! Oh my. I'm starting to sound like an old person if this is my perfect idea of a vacation...totally okay with that, by the way :)

On another note, tomorrow I'm off work because I have an ALL DAY appointment with a psychologist. I saw this same guy a few months after my accident because I was having some memory and attention I have to go back because my new attorney wants me be re-evaluated....and did I mention it takes all day? I may sound silly saying this, but Id much rather be at work than doing weird tests all day. Ick. Oh well, the sooner I'm done with these appointments, the sooner I can put all of this behind that's something to look forward to!!

And on ANOTHER note, I'm completely smitten with these shoes..they're absolutely amazing...sigh...


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