Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Optimism as a way of life.

Found this at Little Chief Honeybee
This really encompasses how I try to think on a daily basis. Optimism is truly a state of mind, of well-being and a way of life for me. I want to be able to lead by example. To show others that its possible to be happy and healthy mentally and physically. I want to find joy in as many things and as many people as possible. Negativity and self doubt, thanklessness and hatred are poison.

Every morning on my drive to work I thank God for everything I can think of. For the weather, for my health for my family and friends, for helping me everyday to make the best choices and to be the best person I can be...

Everything. I am 100% thankful for every single aspect of my life! It makes me happy! It makes my heart feel light! I think that with practice, this will become even easier. I try and turn any kind of negative into a positive. I fell down a week ago and sprained my right thumb. Being that Im right handed, this has been a challenge. Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself, I think 'Im so thankful that this happened! It reminds me that this will eventually get better and Ill be fine'. It makes me grateful to have all of my parts in working order. I have a thumb! Its hurt now, but it will get better! This may sound silly, but its true.

Ive noticed a difference in myself that Im so glad for. This path that Ive chosen is a good one. I don't ever want to go back :)

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