Monday, September 19, 2011


First off, Im so proud of myself for actually posting before the end of the day today! And doubly impressed because of the Hellish-ness that this day has brought. Implementing a new scheduling system has not been fun. Working a 10.5 hour day has not been fun! While I appreciate the overtime, my feet/legs/back are not as appreciative.

Well, now that Ive gotten THAT off my chest...oh wait! One last thing, the 'A' key on my keyboard is stuck, so thats really annoying. Oky, done with the rnt!

Friday: went to parents for beer brats. The most delicious hotdog/sausage type thing EVER. I feel like I could eat them everyday. Thank goodness theyre such a pain to make and Im too lazy to go to the trouble of making them.

Saturday: Didnt do anything! Well, we went for a walk, then home and Isaak watched some episodes of the Chapelle Show while I quickly sewed this:

a hastily put together heat pack microwave rice filled thing.

And then I perched on the edge of the davi with one eye on the tv and the other on my bracelet project. Wooden beads ROCK! excuse the veiny hands, giant veins run in the family:

Then we watched True Blood and then sleep.

Sunday!!!! The most exciting day of my weekend...I forced Isaak to go to a garage sale with me and we totally scored! Everything was 1/2 off! I got:

Some white vintage gloves, two Palm Springs cookbooks to give my dad for his bday, a cute bracelet and some buttons from a naval uniform. Oh! and a woven tray with carved wooden handles. Cool stuff! Isaak got a reel for his fishing pole, and a beer mug that has a microphone in the handle. AND a clip-on digital camera thats waterproof (Im extremely jealous of that find)! I cant remember if we got anything else...but we got all that for 9 bucks! Holler!!!

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