Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winter approaches

Okay, so maybe I'm being dramatic, but walking into work from my car this morning I was wondering if I would look completely ridiculous wearing my down jacket. Although the sun was shining, I was shivering and covered in goose bumps! My iPhone said we would be experiencing a high of 74 today, so at my break, I took a walk through the park located down the street. While in the sun (with the wind obstructed of course) it was pretty warm, but in the shade...BRRRR!!! Here are some photos from my walk:

I like the ones of the paths and the one of the blackberries. I took the pic and then ate them :)

And one more:
Although this isn't a very pretty picture, I wanted to include it because it's one of my very favorite food combinations...which is obvious because I ate half of it before I managed to take a picture...slices of Honeycrisp apple and pepper jack cheese. DELIsH!

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