Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Better late than never

Long Weekend:

Saturday-Harry Potter
FINALLY went and saw the last Harry Potter. Thank you Isaak for not making a peep about me crying my eyes out. Of course these characters are like relatives to me, as Ive seen them grow up, change, fall in love and become adults. So in the spirit of celebrating my favorite series I say 'Fuck you, Voldemort!' HA!


I found this really big barnacle!!! Isaak got a really good close up of it.

This was my attempt...the barnacle is resting on my knee and Im laying down. I didn't realize until later that those two were in the background...and also messing up the focus on the pic!


In honor of Labor Day, Isaak and I cleaned the house. And then barbequed salmon. And then watched Indiana Jones. So there.

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