Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Sooooo...I love reading books that take place in the South. Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite 'Fluffy' writers. I really like how her heroines are strong, independent woman who wind up in some sticky situation and stumble upon a gorgeous man who somehow makes everything okay. A bit of a mystery, some damn fine scenery and, viola! Summer read! Well, actually, I like to read them all year round because it gives me such great day dream material.

I think that the Carolyn Haines books are coming in a close second. I love the main character and the fact that shes a PI and talks to her 'live in' ghost. So far, Ive read 4 of the books in the series and am hungry for more!

I just started on the Lily Bard books. Having read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I was happy happy happy to have these books loaned to me :) So far (and by that I mean a quarter of the way through the first book) Im not sure I love these books. I was instructed to 'get through the first one' Im TRYING! Sheesh! More on this later...

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