Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You remind me of the babe

Time and again Ive heard people say that my favorite movie is Twilight. While I HAVE attended every midnight screening of the series, I don't consider it to be my favorite movie. My very favorite movie of all time is The Labyrinth. My parents recorded it on VHS when I was super young and I'd watch it all the time. I remember thinking how good looking Jareth was. So hot. haha! Im not sure what happened to the tape, but I do remember a period of time where I wasn't able to find it. How depressing! Years and years later, I bought the soundtrack...soooo good! And then one year for Christmas, my friend Martine asked what was on my Christmas wish list and I told her that I wanted (with all of my heart) The Labyrinth on DVD. I wasn't surprised when I opened the package from her, but I was so incredibly thankful :) Even after all those years, I still held the movie in my heart. Its one of those movies that you almost can't watch with other people because they get annoyed that you're quoting the entire thing...Recently, Ive been thinking about getting a Labyrinth related tattoo. My first thought was the owl, but I feel like that's such a popular symbol right now! At the same time, if its meaningful to me, who cares? right? This is definitely something I'm going to have to consider for awhile. Oh! Im getting a vision for my Halloween hair is finally getting long enough to pull off the look. Hahaha!


  1. OMG! You should totally be Bowie for halloween! I support that. Also, I have never seen the Labyrinth.

  2. You are crazy. I will bring it to you. You will LOVE it! If you don't, we cant be friends anymore.