Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just some other thangs

Since all I seem to do these days is clean and cook and hunt for a job, I dont really have anything interesting to report. Nonetheless, I feel its important to document even these mundane tasks. Plus, I found a photo of me with the cute little black and white cat that wound up on our front door.

Meow! I was like, 'its gotta be homeless, right? I mean, it couldve gotten this flea collar from anywhere...'

Freakishly huge yams. 

Gray and misty and cold on my walk.

Leaves blowing all over the ground.

Such a cute house!

The usual mix up of leftovers for bfast. 

Makin dinner...and having a beer! Made pasta primavera. Forgot to take a pic. Had it again for leftovers, but added some salami. Mmmm....
Tomorrow is going to be a hot one. River bound and grilling steaks for dinner. Yippeeee!!!!

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