Monday, September 9, 2013

Bonneville Dam September 2nd

On Labor Day, we decided to drive up the Washougal River and then over to the Bonneville Dam. Our final destination being REI in Portland. Or Sunnyside. Or wherever it is. Some mall south of here. Anyway, the day was fairly decent. Meaning cool enough to drive with the windows down. The Washougal River is sort of comparable to the South Fork of the Nooksack. Maybe even a bit smaller. There were tons of cars along side the road and we caught glimpses of people hanging out down in the river. I said, 'those people are crazy! Its barely even 80 out and they are IN the water!!!' Now, Im used to the glacier fed Nooksack which is ice cold no matter how hot the weather has been or how low the river is. The temperature of the water correlates only to how much beer youve had. And let me tell you, it takes a LOT to get me in the river. Of beer that is. Moving along. We pulled over to get a better look at the Dam and to eat the sandwiches we brought. We wandered (carefully) down the little path to the side of the river. I felt the water. It was WARM!!!! I couldn't believe it! I would probably even get in. Seriously, that is huge. Its supposed to be 97 here on Wednesday. Thats warmer than the temp for that day in E Washington. Nuts! Guess where Stella and I are going??? Hmmm??? Hahaha! Poor Chris! At least he will be shut in his office all day with AC. OMG. I just pictured myself with a folding chair, in the river, with a beer in my hand. Ugh. This is going to be so great!

Okay, back to the story. I took some photographs of the Dam and the power thingys and then we headed across into Oregon.

Orb. Wait! Two orbs!!!

Can you tell that I was rolling my eyes? In all honesty, that was really hard to do! My arms couldnt stretch out any farther!


So thats what I look like from behind.

The Bridge of the Gods. Scary!!!

You can barely see Vista House right there on that flat-ish part.

 And thats about it. We made it to REI (finally) got my bike helmet and some new shades and made haste for home. The End.

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