Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big things happening

Wow. So, Chris got the job and we will be moving to Vancouver!!! We dont have a definitive plan yet, as we are waiting for me to find a job down there before we start looking at neighborhoods/houses/etc. But still! Exciting! After we found out that this would be our new course, I for sure had a few 'moments' but now Ive gotten used to the idea that its really happening and I. AM. STOKED. Seriously. We already have a bunch of stuff planned for this summer-in this neck of the woods-so trying to get down there before fall probably wont happen. But it could! I suppose that if I found a job and gave my 2 weeks here, we could potentially HAVE to be down there pronto. I guess we'll just have to wait and see! So, life has been pretty busy lately. But heres what we've been up to.


Schnitzel at Herb Neimanns. DELISH! One of my favorite places ever.

Self portrait class. Dont worry, it looks better now...kind of...

Garage sale find. A mini tinsel tree!

Meow! I planted some thyme in Mamma cat and her kittens went to live with Michelle!

Soakin up the sun in the backyard. With G&T's

Crazy sun rainbow thing.

Outrageously prices flowers.

Casa que pasa potato burrito-deep fried covered in sauce. MMM Out with the girls for Ambers Bday

Dessert and coffee-after the massive burrito

Morning snuggles

She is big enough to play in this thing now!

MF's supervised outside time.


Chips and cheese/salsa in bed. While watching Arrested Development. I have such a perfect husband :)

A huge glass of ginger kombucha-also in bed.
Well, I guess that about sums it up.
Tonight Im getting my hair done. New Style!
Tomorrow is:
Michaels last day working with us and Bellingham Bells game with the fam to celebrate Fathers Day
Saturday is:
Taking the cats to the vet to get teeth cleaned. AND Murderface gets shaved!
Hopefully having parents over for beer brats on the grill! YAY! SUMMER!!!!
Sunday is:
Doing absolutely nothing.

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