Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home alone

Well, I SAY I'm alone...but in reality Meredith is in the other room. But Chris got paged, so hes
 gone :(  I'm so rarely home without him. Feels very strange. Just me and Clarice laying in bed.
Thinking about how I don't feel like going to yoga this morning and would rather lay in bed, listening to the rain on the skylight, waiting for my husband to get home. Goodness, I feel lazy!

Okay, here are some things from last night:

Prosciutto, mushroom and olive. SO good
Its a double rainbow!

Once again, no shirt=craziness. Juuuuuust kidding. Dan was burning in the woodstove for the first time, trying to burn off the stoveblack. Consequently, it smelled like paint so all of the windows were open and fans were blowing. Still, it was a million degrees in the house.
Boob sweat. Both of us. Nice.

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