Monday, January 28, 2013


The daily: Bathroom Edition
I like how my eyes get all wide looking at Murderface jumping into the window. In related news, MF actually WANTED to be picked up and carried around this morning! By ME! Crazy, I know! Maybe shes slowly coming back around to loving me. Maybe.

Got my 'fluffy kitty attention' fix from this little guy

Im dying laughing right now thinking about Chris taking a sip of the beer, accidentally inhaling it, spitting it back into the glass, which then blasted out all over his face. Seriously one of the funniest things Ive ever seen. I was telling my mother in law about it when she came back into the kitchen and she was like, 'he spit it back into the glass? That glass of beer that youre drinking?' Uhhhh...yeah, I guess it is. Didnt realize I was drinking his spit out beer. Maybe the joke was on me.

God! I wish I was that cute when sleeping.
What I wore to the park. Matching is not one of my strengths.
Also!!!! We went to parents for dinner Saturday night and talked about a theme for the wedding reception. Mexican Fiesta!!! I am so in love with this idea! Its going to be great! And hopefully inexpensive. Yes!
Lets see..what else went on this weekend...took a bunch more stuff to storage, watched HP2 and Beverly Hills Cop. Although I fell asleep before BHC was over, still sore from yoga on Saturday. Kicked my bum. For real.
Heard from my attorney. Evidently, they are waiting to receive an MRI report before drafting a demand letter. Really? Thats it? I asked if they just wanted me to fax it, since I work for the imaging office...but no can do. Has to go through the proper channels. Oh well. 

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Were going to see Django Unchained tonight. So. Effing. EXCITED.

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