Thursday, December 6, 2012

THE KILLERS!!!! (aka Deck the Hall Ball)

Oh Sweet Mother!
Last night, my favorite band headlined The End's Deck the Hall Ball. Super tired today, but couldn't be happier! Saw the show with the two perfect people: Nat who loves the Killers just as much as I do and Chris who has to love them by default because I love them...not that they are hard to love or anything like that :)
Twas magical...
We weren't able to make it in time to see the complete lineup:

But we were able to catch the last two songs from AWOLNATION, which is one of the groups I REALLY wanted to see, so that was cool.  Metric was good, M83 was was funny to see them again at Key Arena, only from the floor this time rather than the very top of the stadium. There was ALOT of energy in the crowd, I loved it! The Killers played for about an hour with the setlist including:
        Mr. Brightside
        Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
        Smile Like You Mean It
        Miss Atomic Bomb
        Somebody Told Me
        For Reasons Unknown
        Read My Mind
        All These Things That I've Done
        When You Were Young

I was surprised they only played two songs from the new album. Not that Im complaining.

The confetti was made of red 'K' and silver lightening bolts. Awesome.


The Killers

The Killers

The Killers. Isn't confetti THE BEST!!!

The Killers

After the show. Chris' face is HILARIOUS.
Oh goodness.

Love the moon

The end.

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