Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here and There

I'm still coming to terms with the fact that today is Wednesday, meaning work tomorrow...I keep thinking its Saturday. Its like a Saturday in the middle of the weak! Weird. Today I drank a ton of coffee, washed my car, laid in the sun went to the Co-op, then went out to Blaine to listen to Jim's famband perform. The weather was spectacular!!! Seriously wonderful and unexpected for the Fourth of July. I remember being a kid and spending the fourth at Aunt Virginia and Uncle Richards house on the beach. All day in the water and then washing sand off feet scraped by barnacles. Eating crab caught that day and digging for clams. Putting on warm clothes and sitting by the fire, toasting marshmallows as the sun went down. Feeling the anticipation and excitement as dusk turned to dark, waiting for fireworks to start. Its funny to me how much has changed over the years...the beach house got sold, families grew up and apart, now the fireworks are merely something that keeps me up past my bedtime. Someday, Ill have children of my own, starting our own traditions and the excitement and newness for them will rub off on me.

That's All Folks! Time for the sound machine and earplugs and hopefully some zzzzzz...

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