Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Simple Song

When I was driving to work this morning I heard that song on the radio and thought 'yes! its going to be a good day!!!' It makes me feel so joyous! I bet the guy driving in front of me was wondering why the girl behind him was grinning like an idiot, but seriously, cant stop smiling when I hear it! Ha! Anyway, I love when a song can set the tone for the entire day :) Im just realizing this (work)day is almost over. And I heard a rumor that its sunny outside. Hooray! My premonition is coming true! Thinking its really time to get my tattoo. My 30th *gasp* birthday is Saturday and I cant think of a better excuse to spend money on myself. Maybe Ill get two! YES! Im loving this idea! Cant wait!!! In other news, today is the two year anniversary of my life altering car accident. Before realizing this, I requested all my medical records from my attorneys office and was reading the chart notes from the latest specialist. GOOD LORD it made me feel anxious. I had to stop reading and say a quick little 'thank you' prayer for being alive...for being HERE...for actually feeling pain. I. AM. THANKFUL. Isaak is going to make me dinner tonight. Whoa! Heres a pic, just for fun:
Its frightening because I KNOW I make this face ALL THE TIME. Finally caught on camera. God, Im so professional. HAHAHAAHA!!!

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