Thursday, February 9, 2012

A new hobby? aunt is a professional painter and she is currently offering a series of art classes spanning a 5 week period. I thought this would be a pretty good opportunity to get my brushes wet. Well, to go buy brushes and see what Ive got. The first class, I painted a picture of Stella's adorable face. The second session, I painted a ridiculous looking pink bird. Everyone kept saying it was a flamingo...but I dont actually know what a flamingo looks like, other than that its pink. I really like the pink bird :) Anyway, I started another small painting all on my own last night. Im kind of surprised that I actually had the motivation to get another one going...just because it was after work...and Im usually tired and dont really want to do...anything at all, let alone mix paints. But I think mixing the paint is my favorite part! When it comes to trying out new activities, I usually end up losing interest pretty fast. There was the guitar, tap dancing, crocheting, working with felt, sewing...the list goes on. Im really worried that Ill lose interest in this as well. But I really really like it! I couldnt believe that I had been sitting in that uncomfortable chair painting for 2 hours last night and I didnt even notice my back hurting or my toe going numb from having my foot wrapped around the chair leg. Im starting to look for inspiration in everything! 'What can I paint next?' or 'Ooh! that would be cool to paint!' Maybe I like it so much because I dont have to 'learn' how to do it. Well, I mean I guess thats pretty relative, but I can slap some paint on there and have something that resembles what I was trying to replicate. When I crochet something, it ends up looking like a warped version of a scarf. I feel like I dont have the patience to learn how to do something properly, I just want to already KNOW how to do it, and DO it. That being said, I am going to have my mom show me how to crochet granny squares. I really love crocheting, but have a hard time learning anything from videos. Maybe Ill start going to a 'crochet group' do those even exist?!?!? Ive heard of 'knitting groups'...oh are the paintings Ive done so far. The photos were taken on The iPhone so theyre pretty much crap...maybe Ill learn photography...oh boy.

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