Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I bought these moccasin type slippers from Old Navy on Black Friday last year. Id barely had a chance to wear them when the stitching started to come undone. Rather than fix them immediately or take them back, I hung on to them. Not long after, I found another similar pair at Target and proceeded to wear them completely out. Id wear them outside, to the store, around the yard, etc. They started to get a bit gross. So, I decided (almost a year later) that it was time to fix the original pair. I picked up some red embroidery thread because I thought I would like the contrast with the brown. Bingo! It was perfect! But in my heart, something felt wrong. (hahaha! heart! felt! I'm so funny!) So I added the giant embellishment! I asked Isaak's opinion and knew that Id hit the nail on the head when he would only sort of mutter that it looked okay. hee hee! I hand stitched those sucker on with mustard colored embroidery thread. They are so precious :)

And here's a cute picture of Murderface lurking after the San Pelli bottle cap (which can be seen in the foreground, next to the finger).

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